PRO Implementation and Refund Policy

PRO Software SAAS Refund Policy All Services and Subscription Charges are Billed Monthly on the Customer’s Billing Anniversary Start Date.  Customer may have option to prepay 1 year’s subscription charges in advance at an agreed upon discount at any time during their contracted period. Payments can be made via ACH, Wire Transfer, or Check. All Payments are Non-Refundable by default but can be offered at the discretion of PRO Management. 

Implementation and Customization Policy PRO does not charge for implementation as a flat rate.  Instead, we will set your final subscription price and have the client pay their full subscription rate through the implementation period. We will also discount or include requested customizations and include in the pricing as well. If a client elects to stop using PRO Software and has paid in advance during the implementation period the client has the option to pay for the included/discounted customizations which can be found in your Original Quotation and receive a refund on any balances.  PRO Requires 60 day advance notice in writing if you are stopping a subscription. At the end of your 60 Day Advance Notice window PRO will send a itemized statement ALL Onsite implementation charges and/or customizations that were not included in the original quotation must be paid in full before refunds or balance adjustments will be discussed.