Android Tablet Troubleshooting for GPS and Camera

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1. Troubleshooting Camera and GPS Permissions for the Android Tablets ONLINE DRIVER DASHBOARD NOTE –> Please make sure that the tablet Android OS and Chrome Browsers are updated. Many times the issue is that alone and will fix any camera or gps issues. Click Settings –> Software Update and see if everything is up to date to start. Update if needed and try scanning/camera again.

2. If the OS and Chrome are updated to latest versions then continue with troubleshooting. Click Settings Click Location Click App Permissions Make sure Chrome is In the Allowed Only While In Use

3. If that doesn’t work then Open Chrome and go to your Application URL (Web Address) (make sure to use https://) Login with your Username and PW (Ask Manager if Unsure) If any popups for Permissions Display Press Allow Click the Lock Next to the Web Address AFTER YOU ARE LOGGED IN. If you see Site Permissions or any notifications here make sure to allow Camera, GPS, and Storage. You may not see anything here depending upon you tablet model.


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