How to Print QR Codes

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1. 39 Portable Toilets cont’d How to Print QR Codes QR Codes can be printed out individually or in bulk. If you wish to print out a single QR Code you can do that by clicking on the Unit and Print. NOTE: Initial QR Code is a special print that is used during implementation. The printout has the address of the unit on the label so drivers can know which unit to put it on. NOTE: It is only used as a key and is given in addition to the label printout. DO NOT printout Initial QR Code onto a label template. You can group and filter to select multiple units to print labels for in batches. Once you have selected the units you want to print in List View you can click Print and QR Code – Online Labels.

2. 40 Portable Toilets cont’d If you do not have unit numbers assigned yet you can just print out all your stickers and divide up amongst your drivers. They will take the stickers and perform the drop off workflow to link a unit to a sticker and thus a jobsite. Get with your trainer about this to make sure this is done correctly during implementation. IF you have already assigned Unit #’s to Locations then we will sort and print out stickers according to route so we can give a driver just his stickers for the day. To do this: Open the Scheduled Route in Dispatching/Route Scheduling Click Equipment On-Site Toggle List View Select All Units Print QR Code – Online Labels ALSO Print Initial QR Code PRO TIP: Initial QR Code is used as a key so drivers know which labels to put on a unit. DO NOT print this onto labels. Give to drivers as a regular printout with their route sheet.


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